Information for Martial Arts Schools

How to get started:

  1. Visit your local children’s hospital (or local general hospital if you don’t have a children’s hospital). Ask to speak to the person in charge of fundraising for the hospital. Explain your event and have them visit this website.
  2. Work with the hospital representative. Discuss and develop a plan for:
    • Accepting donations
    • Paying for expenses
    • Selecting a site for the event
      • Smaller Schools (150 or less students): use your own dojang, or space in a shopping mall or plaza.
      • Mid size schools (150 to 300 students): rent a middle school or high school gymnasium, preferably one with bleacher seating.
      • Large schools or multiple locations: rent a college gymnasium or other large venue with seating.
    • Finding vendors
      • Printer (for fundraising letter, envelopes, posters, etc.)
      • Board supplier: thin boards for younger children, regular childrens’ boards, and thicker adult boards.
      • DJ Service
    • Promoting the event
    • Supplying prizes (T-shirts for all participants, as well as prizes for top fundraisers)
  3. Promote the event to your students.
    • Posters
      Hang mini posters in your school approximately one month prior to the event. Use several posters and place them in the highest traffic areas of your school.
    • Classroom Announcements
      Be certain that all of your staff know about the event and practice together how to announce it to students and families. Below is a sample script for this purpose.
      “Class I would like to make a very exciting announcement before we finish today. Our dojang is going to be having a Kicking for Miracles Fundraiser on _____. On that day we will be breaking boards to benefit (the name of your local Children’s Hospital). It’s a very good cause and it will be a lot of fun. Our goal is to break (number amount) boards and raise (dollar amount). We would like to see all of our students take part in this very important even,t so please pick up a Kicking for Miracles fundraising packet on your way out today. If you have any questions about the event please see your instructors.”
    • Personal Invitations
      In addition to in class announcements it is also recommended that you and your staff speak with as many individual families as possible. Answer any questions they may have and motivate them to be as fully involved as possible.
    • Individual Student Thermometers
      As students commit to participate in your Kicking for Miracles fundraiser, post a thermometer with their name on it on a prominent wall or mirror in your school. Each day when the students come in for their classes have a specified instructor they can report to or at least a log sheet where they can update their totals. Then at the end of each class or at the end of the day update their thermometer by filling it in with a marker up to the amount they have raised. If a student completes an entire sheet (by raising $100), post another sheet above it as they continue raising donations. Top fundraisers often raise several hundred to even a thousand dollars!!
    • School Thermometers
      Your school thermometer is usually set up in increments of hundreds or thousands depending on your school's goal. Remember to update it regularly - it will excite your students as they see your progress.
  4. Have the Event.
    • Students break boards
      Minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises can occur. Be prepared to respond appropriately for these or any other injuries.
    • Ceremonies
      Speeches by masters, hospital representatives, and distinguished guests
      Celebrity Board Breaking (optional)
      Demonstration by black belts or instructors
    • Students break more boards
    • Check Presentation
      Award top fundraiser prizes
      Announce fundraising total and present symbolic big check